About Us

Bring style, color and design into your babies world, and be the envy of your friends and family while doing it.

Our world is moving forward with technology and design,

So many of you are well aware of the need to recycle to reduce landfill and added chemicals being introduced into our soil and waterways, You can do all this and more by changing to the Modern Cloth Nappy.

Changing to the Modern Cloth Nappy will also add value, color and design to your lives while making huge changes to our environment and the financial impact that disposable nappies would otherwise have on your weekly shopping bill.

The envy of your friends and family will start with the many bright colorful patterns to choose from, with the list of available designs always growing and changing, and how great your styling looks. Everyone always gets compliments about their baby and how cute they are, But wouldn’t it be great if you were complimented in the same sentence? 


Here at Happy Bumz our goal as a business is to bring you top quality products for your baby and to provide you with an all natural solution that has little to no environmental impact as possible.

When we started our family in 2008 with the arrival of our first born, we wanted to use all natural products and cloth nappies but what we found were that cloth nappies and all natural products were hard to find or very expensive.

Our goal is to provide you with real-life experience, information, advice, and quality products safe and chemically free for your baby.